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Is Your Back or Neck Pain Killing You?

Are you aching while in the Los Angeles area for a seminar, business trip or vacation?

Are you so busy at work that there is just not enough time in your day to deal with that nagging pain?

Are you stuck at home saddled with a bunch of kids and can’t escape for a while to get treatment for those awful headaches, neck pain or back pain?

I am Dr Will Vargo DC. I’ve been a Chiropractor in the Los Angeles area for several years. I will arrive with my portable, fold up chiropractic table and typically be in and out of your location within 10 minutes or so.  If necessary, I can show up on your 5 minute cigarette break, treat you in the office, the hall, warehouse or even the parking lot, and you are back at work within about 5 minutes. I can make those evening trips to your hotel room. I can come and treat you on that Sunday when you picked up that heavy thing in your garage.

Why Do I Feel Like This?

When a joint gets damaged, one of the bones moves backwards and often twists to one side or the other. The nerve roots coming out from that area get squeezed on or stretched. This is called a subluxation.

 As the joint gets worse, the disc gets more and more beat up and often wedge shaped. The disc holds those holes open. The thinner the disc, the tighter those holes become. The squeezed nerves go to your arms or legs, muscles of the area, skin of the area, and organs of the area.  This is known as degenerative joint disease.

This means that from a low back problem, you could also at some point suffer from bladder problems, digestive disorders, kidney problems, painful menstruation or other sex organ problems. You can get leg pains, burning, numbness or tingling, or leg weakness. From neck and mid back problems, people can suffer from asthma, dry eyes, headaches, sinus problems, hoarseness and many other things. Numbness or tingling in the arms or hands, pain in the shoulder or arm are often caused by problems in the lower neck. Most of what are called “carpal tunnel” problems are not in the wrist. They’re from the neck.

What Can Be Done About This?          

The first step is to find the problem areas. I then “adjust” those problem areas by moving the bones back into the correct place in the joint with my hands.  This is called an adjustment.  In the short run, you can feel a lot better in only one or a few visits in many cases.  This may be enough to get you thru a rough time.  If you expect to get lasting improvement, and in most cases put this pain behind you for good, you will need more frequent treatments to rehabilitate and heal up the areas. For info on treatment in my "state of the art" practice, featuring Spinal Decompression, Laser Pain Relief Therapy and of course, Chiropractic Treatment, click here,

Fees For Housecall Chiropractic Services:

Minimum Housecall Visit - $99  This includes: 1) a quick basic exam on the first time I visit you and if my treatment is appropriate, 2) your adjustments. 

In some rare cases, I may find after examining you that the adjustment is not appropriate treatment for your injury or condition.  The fee for that visit is still $99.

If you are a patient receiving ongoing regular treatment for your condition, you may purchase prepaid specially priced blocks of adjustments, such as:

12 Visits of Adjustments - $948, (regular price is $1188) a savings of $240

6 Visits of Adjustments - $474, (regular price is $594) a savings of $55

If you are more than a half hour drive from downtown LA, add $20.   If I must pay to park, such as at an office building, hotel or meter, also add $20.  If it is a holiday, also add $20.  Payment is required when I first arrive, before exams or treatment is provided, and must be paid by cash or credit card only. 

Two or More Patients Treated On The Same Trip:

If 2 or more of you are being adjusted at the same place and same time, each additional persons treatment fee will be $49. For example, If you and your significant other are both getting an adjustment on the same visit, the combined fee will be $149 (plus any extra fees).

If two or more patients at a company are receiving regular weekly treatment at the same time on the same visit, their fee will be $49 per patient per visit.  I can set up in a vacant office, warehouse, lunchroom, even a hallway.

Hours and Days That I Am Available:

Subject to my availability, my typical housecall hours are from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, seven days a week.  Other hours may be available in some instances to patients on prepaid payment plans. Appointments are made for the same day, within an hour or two only, until I have seen you more a few times.  Payment is required when I first arrive, before any exams or treatment is provided, and must be paid by cash or credit card only. 

Housecall Chiropractic, Treatment For Your Back or Neck Pain at Your Hotel, Seminar, Job, Event, or Home!

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